Best International Cities To Celebrate NYE

Best International Cities To Celebrate NYE #TexasNewYearsEve

Have you wondered which cities are the most popular New Year’s Eve travel destinations? If yes, this article is specially for you.

New Year’s Eve is a special holiday and many Americans decide to travel to another country to celebrate this special night. Today, we will be taking a look to the most popular New Year’s Eve international destination. We have selected five cities that will give the most authentic ‘big city’ experience during your NYE celebration.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is known for its impressive skyline that leaves almost every visitor speechless. Imagine being on one of the top stories of a hotel and watching traditional NYE fireworks as a clock reaches midnight. Because of the remarkable view from top stories, all the best hotels are sold out months or sometimes even years in advance. You need to make sure to make your travel plans to Hong Kong early. Traditionally, before the fireworks at the Victoria Harbour, locals and tourists gather together at the well known Ferry Pier to watch theater, circus, and dance performances. After the midnight fireworks the NYE party goes on all night long.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. The city has many architecture masterpieces including a historical Red Square. Each year people gather in the Red Square to ring in a new year with magnificent fireworks all over the city. Be aware, it can get very cold in Russia during winter time so pack a lot of warm clothes. If you manage to get over the extreme cold you will be amazed by the NYE night’s beauty at the Red Square.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town might be a good destination if you prefer warmer weather. The end of the December is usually an early beginning of the summer season with an average temperature being around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cape town is one of the most gorgeous cities in South Africa that gives you an opportunity to see beautiful NYE fireworks at the beach or in the middle of the city- whatever your heart wants.

London, England

London’s NYE celebration wouldn’t be imaginable without the traditional firework show that lights up the famous London Eye fair wheel, Big Ben and other historical monuments. To get the best view you will need to purchase a ticket that is usually sold out months before but don’t worry- because of the spectacular size of the fireworks people can see the show from all over the city. Some of the best places to watch the fireworks for free are Greenwich Park, Alexandria Palace, Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath, and other locations.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We will end our list with another warm place that might be one of the most popular exotic NYE destinations, Rio de Janeiro. Approximately 2 million people visit Rio de Janeiro each on NYE. You need to be ready to be surrounded by big tourist crowds, but the warm weather and beautiful views will make you forget all about the people around you. Each NYE the main gathering is held at Copacabana beach in which you can enjoy music performances and fireworks all night long. If you are looking for more authentic celebration style you will want to visit local restaurants and bars to experience samba dances and listen to local music.

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