10 Reasons Why We Love New Year’s Eve

10 Reasons Why We Love New Year’s Eve #TexasNewYearsEve

New Year’s Eve (NYE) is very special time of the year. NYE is one of those rare holidays that gets to be celebrated worldwide. In many cases on NYE we are together with friends and family while eating, drinking and dancing. Often, NYE is one of the most expected events of the year. Why do we love NYE? We all have different reasons and here are some of them.

Ten Reasons Why We Love New Year’s Eve: .

10) Quality Time

We all can get caught up in our everyday life that can put us in a big routine. Sometimes this routine can lead to weeks and months before we can spend some quality time with our friends and family. New Year’s Eve gives us an opportunity to see our loved ones and caught up with all the missed things.

9) Christmas Is Over

Do you like Christmas but it get can too much for you and sometimes you can’t wait for it to be over? Christmas can often be very stressful because of the public pressure of getting presents, need for never ending family and friendly visits, and the pressure of behaving in a certain way. Getting closer to the New Year’s Eve can be like a fresh breeze- no more holiday pressure. You can spend the night however you want with no expectations from others.

8) New Beginnings

If you had an amazing year it’s time to recharge the batteries and let the new year start with a full speed. If you had a challenging year it is time to leave the negative experiences behind and start a new -better year. New Year’s Eve can work as a good spring board for extra motivation and strength to improve our lives.

7) It’s Party Time!

This reason does not ask for an explanation. New Year’s Eve is one of the best excuses for a fun party that can last all night long. Cheers!

6) Pampering Up

Are you planning to go to a club, a bar, a friend’s house, or a glamorous ball? Sometimes we feel like we need a special occasion to dress up and feel good. If that is the case then New Year’s Eve is one of the best occasions to dress up and spoil yourself. Go ahead and spend hours to pick your outfit, getting your hear done and making sure your make up is on point. There will be no judgments!

5) Masquerades And Costume Parties

Do you like to dress up in costumes but don’t have enough events to dress up for? Most of the dress up parties are happening around Halloween time but lately masquerades and costume parties are getting more popular during New Year’s Eve celebrations- more dress up events for you!

4) A Lot Of Food

In many countries and cultures food is an important part of the New Year’s Eve celebration. You can eat as much food as you want guilt free because many traditions includes making sure that your belly is as full as possible at a time of the midnight- full belly symbolizes a good life.

3) New Goals And Dreams

New Year’s Eve around the world has an unwritten tradition- to make new goals and dreams for the new year. Some people chose to write the dreams on a piece of paper and save it for the next New Year’s Eve to review it, some people chose to burn the written dreams for a good luck or some people just think about it. No matter what we do to make our new goals more reachable it is a great tradition.

2) Time To Relax.

Are you not a big fun of large social events? New Year’s Eve will be a great time when to relax and get some ‘me time’. While everyone you know will be running around and being busy while you will have time to peacefully relax at home catching up with your favorite TV show or a book.

1) Midnight Kiss.

We all love giving and receiving kisses and what not to love about a tradition that does exactly that! The Midnight Kiss is one of the most popular traditions that millions of people engages in each year. It’s a special moment right before and after the clock strikes midnight where time stops and it’s just you and the person you love.

Do you have a special reason why you love New Year’s Eve? If yes, please leave a comment and share it with us.

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