The Most Popular New Year’s Eve Resolutions

New Year’s Eve Resolutions #TexasNewYearsEve

Do you need a little inspiration to pick your New Year’s Eve resolution?

A New Year’s Eve resolutions is a promise to yourself to be and to do better than the year before. It can be a life altering thing or just a little thing to make your life more interesting. It doesn’t matter how large scale your resolution is because it is just for you!

Here’s a list of 20 resolution ideas for the upcoming New Year’s Eve 2020.

1. Be Active. You can choose to go to a gym, walk to work or go on a small bike ride on your day off.

2. Read at least one new book each month. Exercising your mind is as important as exercising your body. One of the easiest ways to exercise your mind is to read a book.

3. Be kind to at least one stranger a day without expecting anything in return. Small things matter- you can just smile at a stranger and light up their day.

4. Quit a bad habit. Getting rid of a bad habit can be one of the hardest and at the same time the most rewarding things you will ever do.

5. Meditate. Meditation will help you balance your life and deal with unexpected problems.

6. Save money. Even just a cent each day! Make it a habit no matter how little it is.

7. Connect with a long lost friend. Real friendships are hard to find. Don’t lose a friend just because you are busy.

9. Learn to say no. We all have been in a situation where we say ‘yes’ even though we want to say ‘no’ and we end up being unhappy. There’s nothing wrong with saying no!

8. Ask for forgiveness from someone you have hurt. Hearing “I forgive you” can be life altering experience. You never know how much it means to someone before you say it and see their eyes light up.

10. Lose/ Gain weight. Have you been complaining about your extra 10 pounds or not having enough muscle mass? Stop complaining and take the next year and start working towards your goal.

11. Drink more water. Drinking enough water is a challenge for most of the people. Start your year with making sure your body is hydrated

12. Eat Healthier. Your body will say thank you!

13. Travel. Traveling doesn’t necessary mean big expenses. You can just go to the nearest town and enjoy different environments.

14. Quit a job you hate. Don’t wast your time doing something you don’t love.

15. Volunteer. It will make you feel good. We promise!

16. Keep a journal. Some specialist believe that writing a journal is a therapeutic thing to do. It helps to get our negative emotions and thoughts and gather thoughts for a better decision.

17. Be kind to yourself. Have days just for you. You are the most important person and you should never forget that.

18. Boost your confidence. Get a haircut, take time for a spa day- whatever it takes to make you feel good.

19. Breath. In the everyday rush we often forget how beautiful the life is. Stop, breathe and take a look around.

20. Be grateful. You are alive and you have all the opportunities to live the life you want.

Make your pick and we wish you all the luck to make your resolution happen!

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