Single Girl’s Guide To New Year’s Eve

Single Girl’s Guide To New Year’s Eve #TexasNewYearsEve

New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebrations are usually the biggest and most anticipated parties of the year. Typically, people decide to spend NYE with their significant other. That can create awkward situations if you’re single. After all, nobody likes to be a ‘third’ wheel at a party.

You know what I’m talking about!

Being single is nothing to be sad about. You are your best company. When it comes down to large holidays, there is often pressure from society to be together with someone. Don’t let the false assumptions ruin your mood.

Celebrate being single!

~ New Year’s Eve Day ~

Spend a day pampering yourself. It’s been a long and exciting year. Now it’s time to relax with a spa day to show your body some extra love. Ask your girlfriend to come over and do a home spa day while watching your favorite movies or be on your own while catching up with your favorite book. Relax. You have been running non-stop for the last 365 days.

~ New Year’s Eve Night ~

Step 1. Find your perfect outfit. We all know that the right dress has to match the perfect pair of shoes. Don’t forget the dramatic make up!

P.S. You can find amazing gems during post Christmas Sales!

Step 2. The next step is to decide if you want to fly solo or with a partner in crime. If you decide to have company, your best choice will be your single girlfriends. Why single girlfriends? You don’t want to be a third wheel or listen to someone else’s relationship problems during a fun night out.

Step 3. Decide where to party. The party has to be perfect. It will play a big role on how much fun your night will be. Our suggestion is to choose an event with complimentary open bar. Why? First, you won’t need to carry your credit card with you. Second, it will eliminate unwanted attention from guys who want to get you a drink and then stay by your side expecting attention for the rest of the night.

Step 4. Find an event with hotel room packages. Nobody needs to worry about driving home after a long night of complimentary drinks. There are multiple evens in your city or in the city near you that can offer overnight night packages with great perks. This battle option never fails and will allow you to ring in the new year worry free then go to bed.

Step 5. Enjoy your night! No drunk texting your ex! New Year’s Eve night is about you and the start of a new promising year.

Parties are developing and becoming more than just a night at a bar or a club. There is a new way to party for the holidays. Glamorous events at hotel ballrooms are either a vacation or staycation. Both options are great for single girls who just want to have fun! Why? Because the best hotel parties offer packages that includes hotel rooms, complimentary drinks, food, and an incredible atmosphere with surprises throughout the night. Everything you need to have for a worry free night.

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Happy New Year! You Are Amazing!

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