How To Virtually Restart 2020

Stay home and ring in 2020.5 with friends and family.  We’re halfway through the year and in need of a restart.  June 30th is New Year’s Eve 2020.5!  Party goers around the world are finding ways to have another New Year’s Eve and pretend the first six months of this year never happened.

These are the best ways to celebrate a new beginning to 2020!

Texas New Years Eve 2020 PartyVIRTUAL PARTY

Text your friends and schedule a virtual party on platforms like Zoom and Google.  Play music, pour drinks, and get ready to party.  It’s been awhile since most us have communicated with a group of people.  This is a great opportunity to work on your human interaction skills.  Treat yourself and dress up.  Find that New Year’s Eve outfit, do you hair + makeup, and create your favorite cocktail.  Cheers To 2020.5 with new resolutions on how to finish this unprecedented year on a good note.


Get up and get moving.  Host a social distant dance party with friends.  You can take turns playing you favorite music as the deejay.  Join your neighbors from a safe distance or friends from school on video chat.  Cabin fever is real so don’t be afraid to let loose.

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Texas New Years Eve 2020 Party Game Night VIP LifeGAME NIGHT

You get to decide how to ring in 2020.5.  If dancing and drinks aren’t you’re thing, make a mocktail and enjoy virtual games with your friends and family.  Here is a list of our favorite quarantine games.

1) Cards Against Humanity

2) Bingo

3) Scattagories

4) Trivia

5) Heads Up

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