Safest New Year’s Eve Parties

Find The Safest (and of course the funnest) New Year’s Eve Parties In Texas.

Every year our staff picks the best New Year’s Eve parties in the great state of Texas. This year we decided to give our readers a list of the safest parties to attend.

Coronavirus has ruined any chance of having a normal social life in 2020. So we’re looking forward to welcoming 2021 with open arms.

Where can party goers ring in the new year in a safe environment?

We found the answer after rating multiple events on a five star scale of important requirements.

The year of COVID-19 has starved us from partying with friends. Next year will be different. So we’re ready to welcome 2021 with some fun. Safety is a top priority for many of us. Here is our list of the safest and funnest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Texas.


3. Top Golf (Texas)

Golfing in open air sounds like the perfect choice for a socially safe party. Top Golf has eleven locations in Texas so instead of a city positivity rate, we rated the positivity rate for the state compared to the rest of the country. Their ‘Commitment To Play Safely’ limits the amount of people per golfing bay to ensure proper social distancing and lists many other cleanliness protocols to help ensure safety. Not all Top Golf locations require face masks. Most locations encourage face masks according to local guidelines. Unfortunately, there are no refunds offered within 48 hours of your reservation.



2. Black & White Electric Ball (Houston, TX)

Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation. There are always fun events in this magical city of diversity. This year’s major event is the Black & White Electric Ball hosted at the luxury JW Marriott Houston Downtown. Houston is home to the world’s largest medical center which played an integral part in decreasing the cities positivity rate which continues to drop every week. Apparently it isn’t “cool” to say social distancing because they’ve introduced a ‘Safe Social Dis-Dancing’ campaign to let guests know it’s possible to dance with your friends while still distancing. This party will operate at 50% capacity in a spacious event gallery to ensure safe distancing is possible.

This party is produced by My VIP Life in partnership with JW Marriott Houston Downtown. Both of these high-end organizations are merging their safety standards into one major effort to protect their associates and guests. My VIP Life is ensuring a Safe Stay while Marriott International continues to revolutionize the hotel industry with their Commitment To Cleanliness. The best part of a masquerade is the ability to bedazzle your face mask to be stylish, safe, and sexy. Unlike other parties, if guests experience symptoms of being sick before the party, My VIP Life is offering 100% refunds. This is your best option for a great New Year’s Eve and overnight hotel experience.

Tickets, Table Reservations, Hotel Room Reservations Are Available!



1. Reunion Tower Fireworks (Dallas, Texas)

A free Dallas New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks over the downtown skyline. The fireworks are at Reunion Tower and the party is throughout the downtown area. This outdoor and socially distanced viewing party will primarily be at Hyatt Regency for guests. Other watch parties will be at city hall and local bars to allow for open air social distancing. The clean standards depends on where you go for the fireworks show. Bars, now operating as restaurants, may not have the highest clean standards but since you can social distance to yourself on picnic blankets with friends, you’re in control of the clean standards. Masks will be mandatory at city hall and surrounding businesses but not in the open air park areas. Dallas was an epicenter for the most positive covid-19 cases at the start of the health crisis. Now, the city has decreased their positivity rates in most areas of the city.


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