New Year’s Eve Fashion Tips

New Year’s Eve celebrations are typically one of the most anticipated party times of the year. It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and we all can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020 and say a big HI to 2021. With different restrictions in place we need to reconsider how we prepare for a New Year’s Eve celebration. This year it’s not enough to just pick your perfect outfit. You need to do a little extra preparation. One of the biggest discussed topics of the year is face masks. We can agree or disagree but one thing is for sure- if you want to go out you have to have a new accessory on you- a face mask. We make a deliberate decision to make the best out of any situation and we chose to use a face mask as a beautiful add on and accessory to our outfits.

This year we’re facing a very unique problem- how to match a face mask with our favorite outfits and how to stand out. After all, half of our face is covered!

You have two simple options. One, you match the mask with your outfit like you would do with you shoes and purses. Who doesn’t like perfectly matched outfits? Two, you can use a mask as a center piece- you can go as bold as you feel comfortable with. This is a great time to express your artistic soul. No matter which way you choose to go, your outfit will look amazing.

Often we hear that one of the biggest challenges with wearing a face mask is make up. Let’s be honest, it’s true and it’s a problem!

It’s almost guaranteed that the make up on your nose will move with few solutions, available. For example, good setting spray or just applying a very thin layer in the areas that will touch the face mask.

A bright side to the little inconvenience of wearing a mask is that it leaves out one of our most beautiful body parts- your eyes. This is your time to highlight your makeup skills and surprise people with bold and unique looks. Show people who you are without even taking off the mask- eyes can say millions things with just a look.

One of the best parts of the face mask is that we can be truly unique and have one of a kind pieces. You can make a home made mask just how you like it or you can find a local artist who will do it for you.

Be Stylish, Be Safe, Be Amazing! Happy New Year Gorgeous!

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