Proper Tuxedo Etiquette For Him

Over 95% of party goers wait to get their New Year’s Eve outfits with only days until the big party. Don’t wait until December 31st to find that perfect fit for your statement piece. The fit is so important. To ensure you make the best out of your New Year’s Eve, you want a proper fit for your formal attire and of course to coordinate with your date.

Will you choose a tuxedo or a suit to ring in the new year?

Tuxedo vs. Suit

The main physical difference between a tux and a suit is that tuxedos have satin details—satin-faced lapels, satin buttons and a satin side-stripe down the pant leg—suits do not. Modern tuxedos often limit the use of satin to a thin trim on the lapels and a skinny stripe down the pant leg, but this is still considered a tuxedo. On a suit, the jacket, lapel and pants all consist of the same material. Instead of satin buttons, a suit will usually have bone, plastic or fabric-covered buttons.

What’s the proper fit for a tuxedo?

THE COAT: Depending on the fit you are going for (i.e. slim, modern or classic), the coat should hug the shoulders perfectly. On most styles, the body should be long enough for the coat to brush the insides of your fingers when your hand is cupped around the bottom.

SLEEVES: Each should fall just below the wrist bone.

COLLAR: Sits flush against your shirt collar and allows 1/2-3/4 inches of shirt collar to be visible above that of the jacket.

TROUSERS: Worn at the waist. Snug but not too tight.  Traditional men’s trousers sit at the natural waist near the navel. Trouser legs should get narrower as they get closer to your ankle.

VESTS: The vest should lay smoothly against your body while still looking slim.  There should be no pulling at the buttons and little stress around the back.

What is the proper attire for a white tie affair?

ANSWER: White tie affairs are very formal events. The proper attire is as followed: Black tailcoat, black trousers, white pique’ wing tip shirt, coordinating pique’ bow tie and vest, pearl and silver studs and cuff links, black patent tuxedo shoes. Guest are highly encouraged to dress the same.

How to Pin on a Boutonniere:

1: Before you pin it on, make sure that the flower is in the front with all of the greenery arranged behind it.

2: Pin the flower on your date’s lapel or just outside the broadest part of the lapel on his left side, which is to your right.

3: Place the head of the pin under the lapel and push the point through the coat, into the boutonniere and back through the coat.

4: Make sure it hangs straight, and you are good to go!

Can I Wear A Tuxedo Jacket With Suit Pants?

Answer: Sure, your tuxedo pants go perfectly with your tux jacket but wearing them together should be reserved for those special black tie occasions only. When going informal swap out the formal pants for something casual but still tailored, slim and modern. They should feel fresh and certainly complement your jacket.

Should I Wear A Tuxedo For New Year’s Eve?

Yes! New Year’s Eve should be the night you never forget. Create the moments that last forever and capture those moments through pictures. Be the best dressed at the ball, turn heads as you walk by, and make a big statement as we ring in 2021. You can do all of this while knowing you look and feel exceptional!


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