New Year’s Eve Disaster At Omni Hotels

On a night that is supposed to mark the beginning to a new and better year, party goers have spent their hard earned money on what has been called “Fyre Fest 2.0”.

High prices, long lines, and limited decorations is what party goers experienced at Omni Hotel in Nashville as they rang in 2020. “It was an absolute mess,” Joshua Thifault said. “I felt uneasy when I walked in and saw the lines and the chaos and nobody really knowing what was going on. It didn’t hit us until we walked into the main ballroom and saw that it was decorated like a bad prom.”

Thifault went on to say, “There was a DJ and supposedly a dance floor but it was ruined because all of these drink lines were snaking through the dance area, we felt conned.”

Omni Hotels hosted the party in partnership with a production company, VIP Nightlife. The production company’s CEO, Luke ‘Wryder’ Rinderknecht, has performed these subpar events across the country leaving party goers feeling scammed with no other choice than to voice their opinions online.

Tod Roadarmel, Area Director of Sales and Marketing for Omni Hotels released the following statement saying that moving forward, the hotel will not do business with Luke ‘Wryder’ Rinderknecht and his production company.

“As with all hotels, Omni Nashville provides rooms and meeting spaces for group clients of all shapes and sizes. Although the group in question was fully vetted prior to signing a contract, we are extremely disappointed in the unexpected experience they provided to all guests local and national who attended, especially during a celebratory event. While the party took place at our hotel, this event was not sponsored by Omni Nashville and it did not meet the standards that we hold and have held for countless events with third party vendors in the past. As one of the premier locations in downtown Nashville, this is not how we’d envisioned the evening going and as a result, we will no longer conduct business with VIP Nightlife. Those seeking a refund should reach out to their organization directly.”

Originally Reported By WKRN


According to the event production company’s WEBSITE, Here is a full list of their upcoming New Year’s Eve events you should aware of:

POSH NYElectric – W Hotels (Dallas, TX)

Gatsby’s House – Hilton America’s Downtown Houston (Houston, TX)

Gatsby’s House – Hilton Hotel Austin Downtown (Austin, TX)


Don’t Mess With Texas. That includes our New Year’s Eve parties too!  Ring in the new year surrounded by good people, good food, good drinks, and good vibes.


updated: May 28, 2023




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