Joe Jonas Recalls Being Told To Stop Singing On New Year’s Eve

Neighbors told the award winning singer to be quiet. Joe Jonas and his actress wife Sophie Turner have been getting cozy in London lately. The A-list couple have had a lot to celebrate in recent months as their family is growing – but it seems their celebrations didn’t go down to well with everyone as Joe hilariously recalled an awkward encounter with their neighbors in London during the holidays.

Joe sat down with Jimmy Hall to recall NYE, and explained how their party turned into a complaint from their neighbor a few days later.

“We had a New Year’s Eve party that was pretty hilarious because we – well, not party, a dinner – and didn’t a neighbor who loved the noise.

“But it wasn’t even noise, it was just music. She came by to complain a few days later and she was like ‘and the music, and the singing’,” he added with a stern expression.

“I was like ‘oh, God forbid we were singing,” Joe joked, “it was really funny, and of course, there were fireworks going off all night long. So, it was like ‘why did our dinner party really set you off?”

Jonas went on to say that, he still loves being in the UK, adding: “I love England, I love English people and I love the food, and of course, a good Sunday roast.”

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