Single Girl’s Guide To New Year’s Eve

Decide if you want to fly solo or with a partner in crime for NYE.

New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebrations are the biggest and most anticipated parties of the year.  The majority of people decide to spend NYE with their significant others.  That can create awkward situations if you’re single.  After all, nobody likes to be a ‘third’ wheel in a group.

Being single is nothing to be sad or ashamed about. You are your best company.  When it comes down to large holidays, they tend to feel a bit intimate.  It’s the small gatherings that tend to feel like a public shaming. Don’t let the false assumptions ruin your mood.  Go big at a ballroom party.

You could be newly single or embracing the strong “Single Girl” mentality that you have perfected over the years.  It doesn’t matter the persona that you choose, we might need a little extra push to get over this holiday hump.  Let’s put on our favorite pairs of sneakers or heels and jump into a new year with a new confidence boost.  What are the best ways to do it?  Well, let’s take a look! 


~ New Year’s Eve Daytime ~

Spend a day pampering yourself.  You just spent another year waking up every day and concurring the world.  Now it’s time to relax with a spa day to show your body some extra love.  Ask your girlfriend to come over for a home spa day while watching your favorite movies or take advantage of professional spa treatment. We are ready to say bye to 2022 and welcome 2023 with big hopes and dreams.


~ New Year’s Evening ~

Start a NYE evening with a little “pre-game”.  Let’s decide how to pre-game for NYE in an elegant yet meaningful way.  There are multiple options.  First option is to go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant.  We suggest making a reservation ahead of your arrival.  Second option, Keep it light before the big ballroom party with a charcuterie board paired with your favorite wine to sip.  


~ New Year’s Eve Night ~


Find Your Perfect Outfit.  We all know that we want to find a dress that will match the perfect pair of shoes, the shoes need to compliment the accessories that highlight our beauty.  Need an inspiration? Click HERE to read the latest fashion trends and HERE to read the latest shoe trends.  You can find amazing gems during post-Christmas sales.  

Create Entourage. Decide if you want to fly solo or with a partner in crime. If you decide to have company, your best choice will be your single girlfriends. Why single girlfriends? You can be each other’s “wing women”, there will be no “third wheeling”.  It’s fulfilling to ring in a new year surrounded by your tribe.  

Pick Your Party.  The party has to be perfect. It will play a big role in how much fun your night will be. Our suggestion is to choose an event with complimentary open bar. Why? First, you won’t need to carry your credit card or cash with you. Second, it will eliminate unwanted attention from guys who want to get you a drink and then stay by your side expecting attention for the rest of the night. Third, events with complimentary bars typically offers complimentary food as well. Food and drinks?  Count me in!  Click here to find the best New Year’s Eve 2023 parties in Texas.  

Overnight Stay.  We suggest a hotel party that offers hotel room packages.  Nobody needs to worry about driving home after a long night of complimentary drinks or worry about other drivers on the road. There are multiple events in your city or in the city near you that can offer overnight night packages with great perks. This NYE vacation or staycation option never fails. It will allow you to ring in the new year worry free with sleep as an option. A perfect ending to a great year.  


Enjoy your night! Take in all the amazing things you have done during the past year and make a determined decision to celebrate yourself.  New Year’s Eve night is about you and the start of a new promising year.   


Parties are developing and becoming more than just a night at a bar or a club. There is a new way to party for the holidays. Glamorous events at hotel ballrooms are the new destination getaways while active leisure facilities put a fun spin on sport like golf and pickle ball.

Hotel parties are great for single girls who just want to have fun! Why? Because the best hotel parties offer packages that include hotel rooms, complimentary drinks, food, spas, and an incredible atmosphere with surprises throughout the night. Everything you need to have for a worry-free and safe night.

Happy New year! Let’s start another successful year of being a bad**s woman! 


See Full List of our list of best Texas New Year’s Eve 2023 parties.  Don’t miss out and secure your NYE 2023 plans now. 

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