New Year’s Eve Fashion Ideas For Her

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we are starting to plan what to do and how to celebrate the start of a new year.  Everywhere you look there are many event options available starting from local bars ending with immersive venue events that offer multiple event packages.  No matter which option you pick, one thing is for sure, you will ask yourself one question “What should I wear?”. 

You can dress for yourself or you can dress to wow others, our moto is Dress To Impress.  Picking the right outfit for a night out can be a challenging task. Everyone has experienced the “I have nothing to wear” moment when opening their closet. New Year’s Eve is one of the most anticipated party nights of the year and finding the right outfit can make or break the night. How do you know what to wear when there are so many options?

Here are six simple steps to ensure you pick the right outfit to ring in a new year.



Determine The Dress Code 

We feel the best when we know we look stunning.  Do you remember the famous Elle Woods fiasco with the bunny costume (Legally Blonde, 2001) or Kim Kardashian’s recent Halloween dinner fiasco?  It’s unlikely that arriving at an elegant black-tie event dressed up in a bunny costume or as Mystique from X-Men will make us feel apart of the event. 

Do you wonder what to do if you don’t know the dress code?  One great option is to see if you can determine the dress code based on event invitation, event listing, and if you can look up photos from previous events hosted at the same place/ by the same company.  Another great option is to wear an outfit that would be a good option for almost any occasion, for example a classic black dress paired with those special heels you rarely wear. 



Chose A Weather Appropriate Outfit

Find out if the event you are attending will be hosted indoors or outdoors. None of us would have a nice time in the middle of Time Square (New York) while wearing a sexy black mini dress in 6-inch-high heels. We would feel miserable. The opposite is also true. We don’t want to be in a stuffed club with our favorite winter coat and sweating like we’re at a gym.

Please plan accordingly.



Pick a Comfortable Outfit

Are you going to a club where you can expect the bathrooms lines to be long? Steer clear of the bodysuit. Why? We don’t want to experience those stressful moments after waiting 10 minutes in the line.

Are you going to a place where you will need to walk a lot? You might want to leave your highest heels at home. Sometimes finding the perfect outfit is not only how good it will look, it’s about feeling comfortable.



Choose The Right Shoes

Spending hours in uncomfortable shoes is painful and let’s be clear- it can really damage the mood of the night.  Typically, New Year’s Eve celebrations result in a longer than normal night out.  Depending on your plans, you would get to enjoy dinner, drinks, and a party that will lead into the early morning of the new year.  Our suggestion is to prioritize the comfort making sure you wear shoes that you have worn before and know that are comfortable for many hours.  Wedge heels and ballerina shoes are considered one of the biggest shoe trends of this winter season.



It’s Time To Experiment

New Year’s Eve is one of the best times to experiment with outfits. Find that outfit you have always wanted to wear but have never found the courage to slip into.  There are so many events happening simultaneously and wherever you go, there will be interesting and brave outfits surrounding you.  You will fit right in.  For example, Bould Shoulders and Suits are one of the hottest Winter 2022 fashions trends.  Live out your outfit fantasies!   



Be Confident

At the end of the day, the two most important things you can wear are smiles and confidence. When you feel confident in your outfit and know it looks good on you, good things will attract towards you.

New Year’s Eve is about you, your last year success stories, and all the amazing things you will do the following day.  


Happy New Year Gorgeous!





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