Airbnb Bans One-Night Bookings On New Year’s Eve

Party-goers opt for hotels after Airbnb announces a global ban on New Year’s Eve parties at their host properties.

If you had plans to book an Airbnb for one night to party for December 31st… think again.

Airbnb has enforced new rules globally that will see a ban on some guests booking a property for just a night on on New Year’s Eve to prevent parties.

The criticized anti-party restrictions are meant to protect their hosts.  The restrictions will be in effect over the New Year’s Eve weekend in 11 countries, including Australia, the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, France and Spain.

In a recent statement, Airbnb said while the overwhelming majority of guests are respectful neighbors and travelers, it is also committed to reducing instances of unauthorized parties – something that is heightened on December 31st.

“To that end, we are introducing restrictions on certain types of bookings over New Year’s Eve,” the statement read.

“These restrictions will see a ban on one-night bookings of entire home listings for guests without a positive account history – or no previous bookings at all – on the platform.”

Naba Banerjee, Director of Trust Product and Operations at Airbnb, said: “We estimate that the measures have contributed to a year-over-year global drop in rates of party incidents over NYE of roughly 56 percent.

There is increased scrutiny over Airbnb traveler account history and reviews.  Low ratings lead to being declined at future stays.  This guest rating trend has been rebuked by the hotel industry as they dress up their ballrooms to welcome guests with open arms.


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