Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

Nearly half of Americans make a New Year’s resolution.  Many people are successful at keeping their resolutions, while most fail.

Studies show that it take an average of 66 days to form a habit and nearly 100 days to feel comfortable in the new habit.  Simpler habits form faster.  Stay tuned for tips to help you complete your resolutions in 2023.


Most Popular

We have compiled a collection of statistics on the most popular new years resolutions for the past few years and currently in 2022.


2020 Trends

The most popular resolutions for 2020 are to exercise more (50%), save money (49%), and eat healthier (43%).

Most participants (64%) kept some of the same resolutions from 2019 and also made some new ones.

2021 Trends

The most popular resolutions for 2021 are exercising more and improving fitness (50% of participants), losing weight (48%), saving money (44%), and improving diet (39%).

2022 Statistics

The most popular resolutions for 2022 are living healthier (23%), personal improvement and happiness (21%), and losing weight (20%).



Pillars For Success

Experts say, starting now is the choice that could boost that New Year’s resolution from a pattern to a habit by January’s end.Increase your chances for successfully completing your New Year’s resolutions by following these THREE pillars.


Proper Planning

Proper planning on paper (or smartphone) is important.  A reasonable goal for someone is a SMART goal. A smart goal is one that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Measure Success

Write it down.  One way to measure success is by marking a calendar or an app with each run.  Achievability of a goal should be based on your current patterns. For those who currently don’t run at all, a goal to “run 2 days per week for 20 minutes” is a smarter initial choice for long-term success.

Keep Going

The key is to keep going.  The process of getting through the lapse and successfully getting back on track usually happens within the first 60 days.

Just know that you have our support at to start and finish your New Year’s Resolutions.  Start those resolutions on January 1st.  So first, we ring in the new year at the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in Texas!




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